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We will help with the choice of design and installation of the fireplace

We are a leading supplier of these manufacturers
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At Rocal, he understands his work. The design of their hanging fireplaces made a great impression on us years ago and they still have no competition in their class.

The manufacturer does not skimp on the material, no material thicker than 5 mm is used anywhere and the fireplaces are very durable.

For practical numbers price: performance is the Rocal brand of fireplaces the ideal choice.


TRAFORART specializes in a variety of fireplace finishes, which allows it to create beautiful design models.

He chooses the most durable materials such as steel, cast iron, glass-ceramic glass or refractory varnishes, and uses his technological knowledge and many years of experience in creating new models, designing new modifications and developing various shapes.

Trust in TRAFORART is a sign of the right choice.


Fireplaces manufactured in southeastern France at Totem Fire SAS fascinated us with a combination of design and technological solutions. Thanks to the unique connection of the air supply and the extension of the door, the fireplaces can be turned into an open fireplace.

Above all, the four-sided and round hanging models are worth the attention of everyone who wants to differentiate their house with something proper.

When designing a solution, fire is the basic principle of every design in M-Design.

To emphasize the beauty of the fire, they chose simple and clean lines.

Be enchanted by the heat and power of the flame combined with the use of cutting-edge technologies that guarantee your comfort.

No matter what style your interior is tuned to, M-Design fireplaces feel at home in any interior.

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